Blogging Tips for Dentists and Dental Office Managers

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to ensure your website ranks on the first page of Google when prospective customers and web visitors search for relevant search terms and keywords. However, three things stand in the way of effective blogging:

  1. People are afraid their writing skills are not good
  2. People don’t understand the power of blogging
  3. People don’t know what to blog about

How to overcome fear of blogging

First of all, you need to understand that the people you are trying to attract to your website are not literary critics. Your visitors are not experts in writing or grammar. Nobody is going to judge your writing skills, especially if the content or message behind your blog post is solid or useful to their needs.

Two things that can help you get over the fear of blogging. The first is a little free tool called Grammarly. Grammarly is a free tool that you can install on your browser that will help you write more concisely and correctly. It helps with spelling, grammar (obviously), and sentiment (your tone of voice). It helps you become a better writer so you won’t be afraid of writing.

Blogging is powerful SEO tool

Ultimately, all search engines strive to deliver relevant content to people’s search queries. In order for that to happen, content needs to exist. Blogging makes it easy to create this content – assuming that your are blogging on your web platform and that web platform is powered by an easy to use blogging tool such as Dentinet or WordPress.

When you blog, particularly if you use Dentinet or WordPress, your blog title will get indexed in search engines so when people Google something relevant then your site will more likely match up with the search term and show up on Google’s search engine results page.

Tips for what to blog about

Say for instance that somebody has a loose tooth, an adult loose tooth, and they are wondering if that tooth needs to be pulled or if it can survive. The first step to effective blogging would be to put yourself into the shoes of your target audience, think like them, write like them, become them … and then ask yourself, “What would I google if I were them?” Perhaps they would Google something like, “can a loose tooth be saved”.

Now, your job is to write a blog post that answers that question starting with a blog post title that reflects that search query. So, the blog post might be something like, “Can a dentist save a loose tooth? Write a quick answer in 500-750 words, something that only takes 3-4 minutes to read. Take a selfie of yourself trying to wiggle one of your teeth. Download that photo to your computer and rename it something like, “can-a-loose-tooth-be-saved.jpg” and upload that photo into your article.

Then click publish. Google will do the rest.

Happy blogging!

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