How to rank on search for “dentists near me”

Video Tutorial: How do I get found for “Dentists Near Me”?

An email from my client reads like this…

”Good morning, I wanted to reach out to talk about SEO (which is search engine optimization). I noticed that some of our hits have gone down for certain search terms, such as “dentists who take Medicaid near me” or “dentists near me”.

google search for dentists near me

This is what the dentist is trying to find out is how he can make his website rank higher when people Google websites near me. So let’s just go ahead and go through this process. I Google “dentists near me” and Boom!

google search engine results page (SERP) dentists near me

So what you see is that the first three listings are actually ads. Ad, ad, ad. So this space is basically dentists who have gone to Google Adwords, the created ads, they entered keywords where they wanted to be found and they put in the geographic location where they wanted their ads to show up.

So, in that case, you basically go over here to Google Ads – – you sign in, you create your profile, you create your campaign, you give it a credit card, you put in your budget limit how much money you want to spend per day per, per week, per month, whatever, uh maybe you put in the most amount of money you are willing to pay per click, uh and then it goes into a bidding thing and you know, highest bidder goes on top.  All right.

So, but other than that, if you go back to the search results page, if you scroll down a tiny bit you’ll see this is actually Google Maps. Um and so and when you look at the Google maps and you see “dentists near me” basically what Google does is that it looks at your IP address and figures out where you are, it looks at the dentists in your area and this is what it lists.

google maps search for dentists near me

Now notice this very first one um is an ad. Now, I’m not in Leesburg. I’m close to Leesburg but I’m not in Leesburg. So the reason why this one pops up first is because they actually paid to be there, so you could actually, you know, pay to be on the top of this list as well. But other than this one ad it basically looks for the ones closest to me and I’m in Brambleton.

So, when I go to Google maps directly and I say dentists near me then this is what is going to happen. I’m right here so see this little icon with the house and the blue dot, that is where I am and its basically showing the dentists near me so there is this one right here and here is two, three, four others that are clumped up. Ok. So that’s how it calculates the dentists near me.

So, I’m right here. So, if I were to put in “dentinet” uh you know this is where I am. Ok. So, look and you can see, “You manage this Business Profile.” If I was a dentist and I wanted people to find me when they see dentists near me and I’m trying to draw from people in this area I would basically go into my business profile.

So, basically you go to Google My Business – – you sign in once you sign in there are you locations, I’m here in Brambleton Town Center, I click on my listing and then what you do is this is what you get so once you get here you can put in your address, you can put in your service areas. So, say this one particular dentist is – if I wanted to put in other areas so like yea I’m in Washington DC but I want to put in Baltimore, Maryland because maybe Baltimore is not that far away and I can put in other locations where I feel like its not too much to ask for people to drive out to see me ok, so anyway you can do that, I can put in hours, I can put in a phone number, I can put in different things.

Products, you know if I was a dentist I would put in things like Medicaid so if somebody says “dentists near me that take Medicaid” it would put two and two together and say here is a dentists and he takes Medicaid and he is near, geographically near the person doing the search. I can also put in other things like Invisalign or Clear Connect or maybe some of these Sonic toothbrushes or things like that. I can put in highlights and attributes and add other things. Maybe I could put in my Medicaid right here.

So when you do all that stuff that is how Google when you basically put in dentists near me its where you show up. Its not so much search engine optimizing (SEO) your website its really paying for Google ads via Adwords or making sure you really have a rock solid listing in your Google listing then there will be other things like making sure you are in the yelp.

Now the Costa Smiles that one did show up through search engine optimization (SEO) and then the Loudoun and the Smile but you have to scroll all the way down here in order to get those. So, in order to make sure that your actual website shows up then you need to make sure that in the website you have your address clearly there you’ve got the types of services that you do, the products that you do, the insurance that you take, Medicaid, all that type of stuff. Alright?

Depending on your website whether you are using our platform or some other platform like Drupal or Wix there are different ways to search engine optimize (SEO) your website but that’s a different tutorial. Okay?

So, hopefully that helped.

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