(i) Not Secure – Is your website not secure?

not secure

Please go to your own website. Look at the top.  If the address bar does not read https:// or if you see a message to the left implying the website is Not Secure then you have a problem.  This is most obvious if you are using a Chrome browser, as it may not happen with Safari, Firefox, or other browsers.

Not Secure to the left of your website address means that it is missing the “s” from https:// but more importantly, it means the website has not been encrypted, which leaves it vulnerable to hackers and cyber security threats.  Worse, if people are trying to find or get to your site using Chrome, then the Chrome browser may warn people against visiting your site. Chrome will, in effect, block people from finding you.

The good news is that it is relatively quick, easy, and not expensive to get this resolved. You can install and configure a secure socket layer (SSL) certificate and/or you can use a third-party site like Cloudflare that both protects and accelerates websites. Either way, it is less then a couple hours of work to remove this roadblock.

If your site is Not Secure, please give us a call, perhaps we can help.

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