Is SEO still relevant for dentists office’s websites?

The truth is that search engine optimization (SEO), i.e., the deliberate process of modifying your website so it will rank higher on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs), … is not nearly as important as it used to be.

Nowadays, if potential customers search Google to find a new dentist, what is more likely to show up on Google would be 1) paid advertisements, 2) results on Google maps, 3) results on Google business listings. In fact, Google makes it easy to be lazy. Google will autocomplete your search so you are more likely to find search results favored by Google.

Google search engine results page for dentists near me

Now, NOT TO SAY that ranking on Google is unimportant. It is still important to rank and compete on Google. It is still important to do what you can to search engine optimize (SEO), not only your website but also your social media properties. If at all possible, when people Google your name, or your company, or your brand, all of the search results should ideally be digital properties that you have set up, own, and/or control.

In other words, you should do all you can to “own the home page of Google,” particularly for your personal brand and reputation.

But, if you could only do one thing, if you have limited time and resources, if you needed to focus on the single more important thing that would drive new business, generate new leads, and grow your practice; you should focus on updating your Google business listing and Google reviews.

Is SEO still relevant for dentist’s websites? Yes, but not nearly as important as:

  • Setting up your local listing on
  • Proactively working on your positive ratings & reviews
  • Providing the kind of service that results in referrals

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