Website maintenance support for dentists and doctors

We provide scheduled, preventative maintenance and emergency maintenance services for WordPress and Drupal websites. We keep the CMS core, plugins, and modules updated and secure.

We can also provide new features and enhancements to keep your website modern, functional, user-friendly, and relevant.


Secure and


If your website does not have an https:// in front of it then it is not secure, not encrypted, and likely not accessible for people using Chrome + Google to find you.

There are also known and recurring security vulnerabilities with some versions of WordPress and Drupal. We help keep those patched and secure so your website and data are safe and accessible.

Accessible and


Accessibility, in the web world, means that your website can be read and understood by everybody regardless of their abilities or disabilities. People who are blind, for example, may rely on screen readers or assistive devices to navigate websites. But this only works if your website is accessible. We help make and keep websites accessible and Section 508 compliant.

We also help optimize websites for search engines, which if you think about it, cannot see or hear either. So, if you make your website accessible for people without functional eyes or ears then you also make it searchable, crawlable, and indexable by Google's searchbots, crawlers, and search engines.


Our Rates